About Bunabu

Where we operate

Our global reach extends across Europe, The Americas, Asia, Africa & Oceania – operating in over 80 countries worldwide.
Consumers from around the world make requests on our websites everyday. These consumers are people that are in need of your services in your regions. From the moment they fill in and submit a quotation request form on one of our websites, that information is sent from our servers to your inbox, all within a few seconds.
This is what we call red-hot targeted leads – your customers, in your service areas – direct to your inbox whilst they’re still sitting behind their pc or mobile device.

In which sectors do we operate


Whether emigrating across the globe or just moving house from one region to another within your home country, more people are looking for moving and transport services.

  • National & International Movers
  • National & International Transport
  • National Storage
  • Europe Movers


Despite the ever-changing world, people will always have home improvement needs. We are here to provide your business with customers for a variety of trades.

  • Air Conditioning & Solar Panels
  • Architects, Builders/Contractors, Conservatories
  • Plastering, Tiling, Painting & Decorating
  • Electricians, Heat Pumps, Insolation, Underfloor Heating
  • Paving, Garage Doors, Roofing, Gardening & Landscaping
  • Awnings, Glazing & Window Frames
  • Biomass Boilers, Heating Installers & Plumbers


From legal to translation services, this category can extend from domestic to commercial customer acquisition.

  • Web Design, Translation & Trademarks
  • Debt Collection & Security Services
  • Lawyers & Notaries
  • Driving Schools
  • Funeral Homes
  • Pest Control


We may not be able to help every business grow, as we only work in industries in which we can effectively acquire customers. However, we do welcome opportunity to partner with businesses in new industries.

If you are unsure whether or not your business falls under any of the categories we have listed, our sales representatives are available to advise you accordingly.

Arthur Wijnschenk

Founder & CEO
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Before lead generation, business Arthur worked for one of the world’s largest life insurance groups in several management positions. He attended courses at Rotterdam School of Management and INSEAD, as well as Delft Toptech, renowned in technology and science. He is a strong believer in creating long term business value by managing and stimulating technology and innovation and putting new ideas to work quickly.
He believes that by working hard, execution power, quality and a bit of luck, you can turn every good idea into a success.

Arthur Wijnschenk, who currently lives in Barcelona, is the founder of Bunabu™ Inc. and responsible for global business development. He travels often between our international offices. Arthur is a true entrepreneur, having co-founded several businesses. Prior to founding Bunabu™, Arthur was co-founder of one of the world’s biggest lead generators and had a successful exit in 2011.